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Welcome to the Oceana Natural Food Cooperative Newsletter for May 2017.

Store News

There is still time to pick up garden seeds/supplies.

Our fabulous deli is now making breakfast burritos! Come on in early and pick one up, Yum!

It’s almost that time again. Our summer inventory will be held on Monday, June 19th from 6:00 pm. - 9:00 p.m. A sign-up sheet will be placed at the register at the end of May. All counters will receive a 5% discount on all purchases except special orders in the month of July.

Friday Food Demos– Make Mother breakfast in bed!
May 5: Food for Life English Muffins, 7-grain and raisin, with strawberry cream
May 12: Arrowhead Mills pancakes with cinnamon glazed strawberries
May 19: Strawberry banana smoothie with Amazing Grass protein powder
May 26: Fresh strawberry jam on Happy Camper gluten free bread

Volunteers needed:

Wednesday grocery order – We need volunteers to help us check in, price and stock our weekly grocery delivery every Wednesday from around 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Volunteer for 4 hours a month and earn a 5% discount the following month. Volunteer for 8 or more hours a month and earn a 10% discount the following month. (note: Discounts do not apply to special orders.)

We are looking for someone willing to take a couple of hours a day, a couple of days a month to sign up and renew members. If you are interested, contact Rhonda during the week.

Check out our daily menu at our website: www.oceanafoods.org

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Oceana has an empty refrigerated delivery truck which goes to Eugene from Newport every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Contact us if you need anything shipped to Eugene, Florence, as far as North Bend, Corvallis, Salem or Lincoln City.

Please don’t forget to check to see if your membership is up to date.

Oceana Board of Directors Meeting

Any current Oceana members are asked to join the board meeting to show your support for our unique and valuable store. Meetings are every third Wednesday of the month at 4:30. Come join the discussions and share your ideas!

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, May 17th, at 4:30 p.m. All co-op members are welcome to attend! We are always looking for new Board Members.


Be sure to show your member card at the register to get these prices.
Sales effective from April 29 through May 26.
Last day to special order at sale prices is May 21.

Product         Reg         Sale
Miso Master OG Chickpea Rice Miso       11.59         9.59
Perfect Bar, all varieties         2.99         1.99
Rebbl OG Turmeric Golden Milk         3.99         2.99
Straus OG Whole Milk Yogurt, qts.          5.79         4.79
Tofutti Herb & Chive Better Than Cream Cheese         4.59         3.59
Tofutti Non-dairy Sour Cream Supreme         3.89         2.89
Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops, 4 ct.         5.99         3.99
Woodstock OG Pomegranate Kernels         5.99         4.99
Udi’s GF Hot Dog Buns         5.99         3.99
Udi’s GF Hamburger Buns         5.99         3.99
Pet Food
Castor & Pollux OG Peanut Butter Dog Cookies, 12 oz.         8.59         6.99
Doggy Delicious Cheesy Bones, 16 oz.         8.79         6.79
Doggy Delicious Sweet Potato Bones, 16 oz.         8.79         6.79
Absolutely GF OG Superseed Crunch Crackers         5.99         3.99
Ancient Harvest Lentils & Quinoa Penne         4.39         2.99
Ancient Harvest Lentils & Quinoa Rotelle         4.39         2.99
Annie Chun’s Soy Ginger w/Shiitake Sauce         5.99         3.99
Annie’s OG Cocoa Bunnies Cereal         5.99         4.99
Annie’s OG Berry Bunnies Cereal         5.99         4.99
Asian Fusion OG Sweet & Sour Sauce         5.99         4.99
Asian Fusion OG General Tso Sauce         5.99         4.99
Cardini Caesar Dressing         4.89         3.89
Crofter’s OG Berry Harvest Spread         5.99         3.99
Crofter’s OG Raspberry Spread         5.99         3.99
Crofter’s OG Strawberry Spread         5.99         3.99
Drew’s Chipotle Ranch Dressing         3.99         2.99
Fantasic World Falafel Mix         3.99         2.99
Freedom Food GF Ultra Maple Rice Crunch Cereal         5.99         3.99
Ian’s GF OG Brown Rice Bread Crumbs         5.99         3.99
Kashi Coconut Cashew Macaroons, 4 ct.         6.99         4.99
Kinnikinnick S’morables Crackers, GF         5.59         3.59
Love Grown Fruity Sea Stars Cereal         4.99         3.99
Love Grown Chocolate Comer Crispies Cereal         4.99         3.99
Lundberg Wild Rice Blend, 1 lb.          4.99         3.99
Maranatha Raw Creamy Almond Butter, no salt       14.99       10.99
Maranatha OG Peanut Butter, Crunch or Creamy         6.99         4.99
Milton’s Baked Sea Salt Crackers, GF         4.39         2.99
Mt. Hagen OG Instant Coffee, 25 ct. packets         7.99         5.99
Ojai Cook Lemonaise         3.99         2.99
Pamela’s Pecan Shortbread, GF         4.99         3.99
Purely Elizabeth Coconut Cashew Granola         6.99         4.99
Purely Elizabeth Banana Nut Butter Granola         6.99         4.99
Santa Cruz OG Mango Lemonade         3.59         2.59
Santa Cruz OG Strawberry Lemonade         3.59         2.59
Santa Cruz OG Lemonade         3.59         2.59
Sesmark Cheddar Sesame Thins (New Product)          3.99         2.99
So Delicious Coconut Milk, Original Sugar Free         3.39         2.39
So Delicious Coconut Milk, unsweetened         3.39         2.39
Tasty Bite Garlic Brown Rice, 8.8 oz.         2.99         1.99
Tasty Bite Jasmine Rice, 8.8 oz.         2.99         1.99
Taza Chocolate Bars         3.99         2.99
Vita Coco OG Extra Virgin Coconut Oil       10.99         7.99
Wild Planet OG Roasted Chicken Breast, 5 oz.          4.99         3.99
Woodstock OG Ketchup         4.99         3.99
Yummy Earth OG Lollipops, 8.5 oz.         6.99         4.99
Health and Beauty
Goddess Garden Sunny Body SPF 30, 3.4 oz.       15.39       12.39
Goddess Garden Sunny Body Spray       18.99       14.99
Goddess Garden Sunny Face       17.49       13.49
Goddess Garden Sunny Kids       15.39       12.39
Nutrition Now PB8 Vegetarian, 60 tb       15.69       12.69
Nutrition Now PB8 Acidophilus, 120 vcap.       26.15       20.15
Yerba Prima Men’s Rebuild Cleansing System       33.99       25.99
Yerba Prima Women’s Renew Cleansing System        33.99       25.99

Ordering Deadlines for May

All UNFI special orders should be turned in by end of business Sunday, for pick up the following Wednesday.
Azure Standard – May 12
Glory Bee – May 5, 19
Threshold, Jarrow - May 1
Now, Nature’s Plus - May 8
Nutraceutical – May 15

Any comments or suggestions are welcome at corey@oceanafoods.org.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm • Saturday 8am-6pm • Sunday 10am-6pm